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software or websites, the first thing which attracts the users the user interface. The most visually attractive user interface is more interesting it will be for users to manage the application. To view more information in less space, the icons are the best appropriate things and therefore an integral part of the design. Like most software runs on Windows operating system, so that each develop applications for this platform, wants to give the same look and feel of the Windows user interface. It is done this way, so that users do not feel any difference in working on their software and are familiar with the different options because they will be even appearance of windows. To do this, designers use different icons that gives an impression of using windows OS.

The icons are the best way to represent an action and gives the user an understanding of the particular pattern graphically. The icons have become faster and interactive way to display the information in the windows in the same way, it has become a standard way of displaying information in applications. Designing an icon is not an easy task, as small icons should be able to attract the attention of users and provide the required information at the same time. So, one should have specialization in the Windows 8 and icons have it. They offer a variety of free ready made icons and charges for different platforms and windows of custom icon design services. If software designers want to save their time on designing icons and you want the designs according to the theme of their applications, they can opt for the personal service.

The icons are available in various categories like:

, Oe Windows Metro Icons: Windows Metro Icons are designed appropriately icons aligned in WP7 and Window8 with color and the right resolution for large
looks, Oe Aero Toolbar icons for Windows 8 Aero Toolbar icons are attractive icons with basic options of different sizes and two color variants with different file formats
Oe Application bar icons for Windows Phone: These icons are designed specifically for phones with the right size and resolution required for
mobile phones, Oe Aero business icons for Windows 8: These are designed icons keeping various business requirements in mind as the display of money, credit card, price list etc.
, Oe Business Toolbar Icons for Windows Phone: The icons are for creating toolbars, in order to have the right size and design as well as corporate information as showing basket, zoom in, zoom back
options Oe Aero people icons for Windows 8: Ideal icons to represent humans as women, men, children, family, user information, etc.
Baby, œ Windows Phone 7 icons for developers: the icons for phones with transparent background with icons in the
environment, Oe Aero Medical Icons for Windows 8: the icons are designed based on requirements for the medical field. The icons include graphical representation for physicians, doctors, paramedics, surgeons, and primarily for first aid, etc.