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A Neumann & amp; amp; Associates has become one of the most respected companies in the NY business broker with 25 years experience. The company has extended not only to a business broker but also to provide excellent service to New Jersey and Pennsylvania businesses. Professionalism and confidentiality built a reputation that has helped us to grow in the main area of ??tri-state business that companies can rely on.
A Neumann Associates represents a wide variety of businesses NY and NJ and PA throughout more than 25 years experience. Services include assessments of the value of a business, business valuation, assistance in business transfer process, including the sale of companies valued at millions of dollars and help buyers find businesses.

Privacy is our first priority and begin our marketing advantage. We have an excellent reputation and an expansive network that is exposing companies to more buyers that can result in large position multiple offers business buyers when your business is for sale. And services are provided without paying upfront fees.

For our purchasing advantage, it starts with our outstanding reputation, and includes our network of contacts crucial for financing allows business buyers to get the funds to purchase a wide business at fair market value. As always, our first priority is the privacy, heavy support with all due diligence efforts is also provided, including the necessary data verification.

The valuations of companies and Appraisals

For the evaluation of private business ownership, our company offers a complete set of business services for mid-market, for sale businesses.
The first step in evaluating a business is very essential. This step is to assign a specific value to the business. We urge all vendors to have a business valuation completed by an independent third party, before the sale of the company. Buyers actually do not see a serious seller if they do not have a current business valuation completed.
In addition, avoiding the use of an internal evaluation is highly recommended and is very important from the point of view of the purchaser. A conflict of interest exists and objective business valuation is in question, a third party assessment will actually be considered objective.

The evaluations are often conducted for estate planning, partnership complications, issues with the IRS, for the purpose of financing, etc. Every business owner has a unique situation and the need for a business valuation. As a business broker NY, we often accounting firms, law firms, estate planners, etc. Contact us for assessment and support service to their business clients.

Business Seller Representation

selling a business is a once in a lifetime event for most business owners. A recent study suggests that IBBA “75% of owners have no idea how they go out of their business.” It is not surprising that the experience with the items missing when it is most often a once in a lifetime event. The sad truth is that significant errors can cause the seller can not afford. . We help to avoid these errors and help business sellers with this crucial once in a lifetime event
With over 100 years of commercial transaction experience, vast network of our firm of Chartered NY business with more than 1,000 affiliated Fusion & amp; amp; Professional acquisition provide the best results for potential business sellers. comprehensive advisory services are provided from the very first stage throughout the final closing and beyond.